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Drinkmuse: Very Late Virginia Wine Festival Post

March 11, 2012

About a month ago, Ashe and I wound up at the Crystal City VA wine festival. I don’t have long notes on these, but a few thoughts on each of the wineries we tried:


Rosemont of Virginia –  This was one of the best ones for Ashe and I of the day. I very much liked their Syrah, and their Cabernet Franc, which Ashe even liked a bit. Their Traminette was surprisingly dry, if you have tasted other VA Traminettes, and was quite nice. Ashe really liked their Rose, but I found it a bit too sweet – I typically like a dryer Rose. Finally, their sweet wine, the Lake Country Sunset, was a bit hit with Ashe.

Savoy Lee – Sadly, we weren’t that impressed. Their Riesling/Vidal was nice, but the rest of the wines didn’t really stand up for us. They did have a great sangria recipe using a bottle of their wine, but I suspect that any fruity lighter red could fulfill the role just as well.

Well Hung Vineyard – This was the winery of the day for us. They had five wines there, a Chardonnay, a Viognier, a Blush, a Cab Franc, and a Merlot-Verdot, and we liked all of them. Particular highlights were the Blush and the Merlot-Verdo, which stood out to us. Ashe even liked the Merlot-Verdot, which considering how she feels about a lot of red wines, says something. The person conducting the tasting was one of three women who own the vineyard (I think), and was great. They don’t have a tasting room, which is sad – would visit if they did.

Ingleside – Another mixed bag for us. Do need to shout out to the taster – he was pretty great, once he started paying attention to us. Wine was up and down – the Blue Crab Red, a fruity wine with Cab Sav, Merlot, and Syrah was good for me, and Ashe really liked. I liked their Merlot, and their Sangiovese, but was not a fan of their whites at all. Ashe did like their sweet whites, however, although I wasn’t impressed. They do recommend a very cute bay cruise for the day – take the cruise to the winery, then drink, then travel back with the same cruise. Seemed like a fun day trip.

Athena Vineyards – I’ll be brief. We were excited, as Athena plays a big role at Ashe’s alma mater. However, none of the wines were worth it. My only note is a big “NO” at the top of the sheet. Very disappointed.

Cooper Vineyards – This was the perfect example of one where Ashe and I really disagreed. I liked their Coopertage, which I thought was complex and interesting, but didn’t really like much else – the Chardonnay and the Norton reserve were both ok, with the reserve having some nice tartness to it, However, Ashe loved their Rhapsody and their Noche, and liked several other of their sweet wines.

Horton Cellars – This was the first one we visited, as I am very familiar with their wines. I am a very big fan of their Port,which I try to buy whenever I can. Ashe picked out the Rkatsiteli (an odd Georgian grape), the Niagara, a typical “grape” tasting wine, and their Xoco chocolate wines.

Oddly enough, we left buying no wine, but picking up some Spice Rack Chocolates, which are out of this world amazing, as well as some chip dips.



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  1. Jeremy permalink
    May 23, 2013 4:41 pm

    You need to muse more often. There’s been a bit of a gap in between this posting and the present day. 😛

    • June 14, 2013 4:18 pm

      Very very true. Have some thoughts, maybe I’ll get a chance to write soon….

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