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Shortmuse: Credit Unions

December 23, 2011

So, I wanted to briefly explain how I love my credit union. First off – I’m not someone who encourages others to switch their accounts to CU’s, or any of that. I’ve always belonged to a credit union and only recently have I come to appreciate how awesome that is. A couple of thoughts:

1. Awhile ago I needed a loan (of a somewhat significant amount). I called my CU up, explained what I needed, and within a day had approval, and within two and half days had the money in my account. Literally zero stress.

2. One of the big problems with my bank (now fixed), was that I could not deposit checks anywhere south of the PA-Maryland border, as my credit union is in PA. Lo and behold, that has changed. Now you can go into any credit union in the U.S. and just say which one you belong to, your account number, and then you can deposit checks. Just did this last week, in and out in now time at all. It’s almost like expanding the number of branches my CU has exponentially. I was flabbergasted.

3. You can now also use any credit union’s ATM without fee, anywhere in the U.S.

4. I’ve never gone into a credit union that wasn’t mine and had them try to sell something to me. Every single time I went into a capital one to get quarters, they gave me a marketing spiel.

Really, that’s it. Just wanted to detail the wonderful virtues of my credit union.

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