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Drinkmuse: Pliny the Elder

September 28, 2011


On Monday, in honor of Monday Night Football and having a hop-loving friend over, I opened my bottle of Russian River’s Pliny the Elder – a hard to find on the East Coast IPA. This was brought back to me from a friend whose family lives near Russian River. I probably kept it too long, but it was wonderful none the less. What follows are my notes, as I wrote them. Apologies for the short/broken sentences.

On open – great color, almost no head, very smooth and clean.

Nose – Can smell the hops. Jeremy pointed out it smells like grapefruit. I am getting an odd hint of pine, but I can’t tell where that is coming from.

Taste  – lots of hops. very tasty. the word that seems to describe it is smooth – you have the hops, and very little malt, but it’s incredibly easy drinking. Really can’t complain at all. Could be very easy to drink lots of this.

As it warms – a bit of honey comes out, at least to me, but very light. I liked this – wasn’t too overwhelmed, but very very happy.

I enjoyed it, will be happy to get other bottles, but will not seek it out like some of my other favorite “rare” beers.

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