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Techmuse: Quick – Twitter Hashtags

August 12, 2011

If you haven’t used twitter, or facebook, or well, social media in general, you might not know why a bunch of TV shows suddenly have these strings of characters above the station logo: #sytycd, #royalpains, and so on. Last night, while watching TV, we noticed that in those cases, the network was attempting to drive traffic to one hashtag for the show.

I find this fascinating – we’ve seen this year and last how twitter can influence politics. It’s not uncommon online to have fights about the proper hashtag to organize people around for events, shows, people, etc. The logical progression is to have those hashtags dictated somehow – and now not only are the networks doing it, but they are pushing it throughout the show in a visible, if subtle way. For #Sytycd (So You Think you Can Dance), I am not that surprised – live tweeting a competition show makes sense. For Royal Pains, it’s a bit more interesting – do you live tweet a scripted show? Very curious, I wish I had checked twitter to see how active the tags would be. I wonder if they are getting any movement at all, or if it is just piggybacking on already active twitter hashtags.

Would seeing a hashtag in a situation like this make you more inclined to tweet about a show (assuming you tweet).

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