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Drinkmuse: Weissen Sour

July 18, 2011

One of the most fun things that the various cocktail blogs do is something called MxMo, or Mixology Monday. Here is a brief description from the MxMo Site:

The process is quite simple: each month, a host, working with the moderator, selects a theme for the upcoming event; past themes have included Rum, Winter Warmers, Fizz, and Aperitifs. The event is announced on various blogs (including this one), and on or before the event date (a Monday — hence the name), participating bloggers join the party by posting a drink recipe or other post related to the theme. Each participant notifies the host that they’ve joined in, and soon after the event, the host posts a roundup, listing each participant.

This month, the blog cocktail virgin slut picked the theme: Beer cocktails. Here is the original post starting the month. And here is the wrap up post with all of the cocktails. Of particular interest for me was this reworked Seelbach into Seelboch, which I plan to make soon, and this drink, the Weissen Sour, at the blog Cocktail Chronicles (written by the guy who organizes MxMo), which I’ve already made. Some background on the drink from the blog:

The Weissen Sour comes from Kevin Diedrich, late of the Burritt Room in San Francisco; the drink appeared on an early menu for the bar

I was attracted to this because I love Sours – my introduction to good cocktails was through a Whiskey Sour properly made, and since then I’ve had a bunch of different Sours and have yet to find one I don’t like. At the same time, I love German beer (well, most beer), and weizens are really pleasant beers, beers that many people like, and are great during the summer. Seems like this is the perfect set up for a cocktail. The recipe is as follows, again from Cocktail Chronicles:

Weissen Sour
from Kevin Diedrich

  • 2 ounces bourbon
  • 3/4 ounce lemon juice
  • 1 barspoon orange marmalade
  • 2 dashes orange bitters
  • chilled weisse beer
  • small piece of lemon, for garnish

Combine everything except beer and garnish in a cocktail shaker; smush the marmalade around to help it dissolve in the liquid, then fill shaker with ice and do what comes natural. Strain into highball glass (I filled mine with ice, but give it a try without if the idea of pouring beer over ice skeeves you out), and top with chilled beer.

And, because I could, the ingredients…

Yes, yes, I know, bottled lemon juice. I was in a rush, didn’t have any lemons, and went with it… I’m ashamed. But the drink turns out quite pretty:

The quality isn’t amazing on this photo – I will work on that. However, the drink was great. Felt almost like it was some kind of adult lemonade. Had enough of the beer flavor to notice, not overwhelming though. I needed to squish the marmalade a bit more, but for a first (and second… whoops), attempt, this was really tasty. Most likely, if you wind up at one of my cocktail parties, I’ll be serving it. And once again, thanks to Cocktail Chronicles for posting it!

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