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Jack Rose Dining Saloon

July 1, 2011

The Stormy Monday

For a happy hour yesterday, myself and a group of friends stopped by Jack Rose Dining Saloon, a relatively new bar(s) that is being run by the same folks who own Bourbon. It is trying to be a bit of everything – rooftop tiki bar, craft beer bar (not for rarities like Churchkey, but solid list), prohibition bar in the basement, tasting room/bar for private events like beer dinners, it really has a bit of everything.

Jack Rose Dining Saloon, a true DC establishment crafted from the minds of DC natives & longtime friends Bill Thomas, Stephen King, & Michael Hartzer. At Jack Rose Dining Saloon one can experience over 1400 bottles of hand-selected scotches, bourbons & spirits, uniquely hand-crafted cocktails, wines from around the world, and over 20 beers on draft. On the first floor you will find our main saloon bar that seats up to 35 and a full-service dining room. Hosting your own event? Our second floor has an elegant private dining lounge with it’s own balcony and fireplace. If you’re in the mood for something more casual, hang out on the open-air terrace and enjoy snacks from the BBQ Pit or grab a drink on the Back Porch Bar…feeling like hiding out?… head down to the Prohibition Bar “no secret knock” required. At Jack Rose Dining Saloon, one can sense the ties and tributes between the region, and the long history of the spirits that line the shelves.

How was it? Pretty nice. Most of us got there by 6, so it wasn’t crowded at that point. However, the downstairs bar was closed for a private event (that even when we left at 9 was mostly empty), so they were reserving tables upstairs for food/meals only, which meant that our group which didn’t want to eat were sitting at the bar. This was fine – we camped out one end of it and had a good time.

Mint Julep with Stormy Monday #3 in Background

Some Impressions:

Decor: We briefly saw the main floor bar, which looked amazing. Really wish I could have gotten in there. Rooftop bar was very well put together – nice bartop, good wood throughout, open throughout but with separations creating good space. Would have liked a few more 4 person tables, but that’s cause I normally go with groups.

Ambiance/People: It’s at the end of Adams Morgan, and it’s currently a hotspot. The crowd got more…. georgetowny as the night went on. Certainly not a negative for everyone, but tends to be for me.

Food: We didn’t have any, but at least up top, the menu was very small – 9 items total, 3 in each of three categories. What we saw looked pretty good on sight.

Drinks: At the upstairs bar they had 6 cocktails, 9 wines, and something like 10-15 beers on the menu – but of course the various well liquors were available,  and there was a Maker’s Mark event going on so they were making various Maker’s Collins drinks. Between us we had most of the drinks – 3 or four “Hey, Sailors”, which Gosling’s black seal rum, sloe gin, benedictine, and orange bitters, I had a Stormy Monday #3 which was a dark and stormy variation including rhubarb bitters and apricot liquor, as well as two of the Pit Stop, which with pisco, burnt sugar and a few other ingredients that I have forgotten (Take a picture of the menu next time!), was a highlight of the night for me. Finally, they had a standard mint julep, something called the Caretaker which was a bit smoothie like with coconut, and the Passonista, which featured passionfruit. Drinks, while a small menu, were all very good, and well crafted.

The Caretaker

Service: Service was fine. For the crowd, it felt like they needed one or two more bartenders – but the ones they had were very fast and good. I suspect the smaller menu helps that. They did seem to have more barbacks then they needed, which made for a few drink cleaning-up snafus (too early), that we saw.

Overall it was fun, we had a good time, and I’m really excited to see what the other bars in the building will offer.

The Hey Sailor

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  1. Nick and Norah Hall (Stacey Hall) permalink
    July 7, 2011 3:33 pm

    sounds great I would love to check that place out.

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