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Founding Farmers

June 27, 2011
Founding Farmer's Dinner

Spring Pea Ravioli, Nice Coat! Cocktail, Pan Skillet corn bread to the right, and Macaroni and Cheese at the back.

One of the things I hope to do on here is to put down recollections/reviews/memories of restaurants I’ve eaten at, and food/drinks that I’ve had or made. Not necessarily because I think anyone really wants to read them, but because it’s a great way to create a timeline, and have a record of what my tastes were at a certain period.

As a first attempt, I’d like to talk about Founding Farmers. I am way late to the part here – FF has been around since 2008, has a loyal and vocal following, and is regularly highly review by restaurant critics. To describe them, I will copy directly from their site:

Since September 2008, Founding Farmers has been one of the country’s leading restaurants to offer farm-inspired American true food and drink in a modern, casual and eco-friendly setting. From our modern farmhouse, breakfast, lunch, dinner and brunch menus include homemade and ‘scratch-made’ traditional American classics inspired by the heartland.

A collective of American family farmers owns our restaurant. We source our fresh products from family farms, ranches, and fisheries from across the United States. We celebrate and share the long-standing connection between farmers – the first to lead the “green” movement – and their historic stewardship of natural resources.

We believe that everyone benefits by knowing more about the sources of the food they eat; we work diligently to ensure our restaurant walks its talk on matters of sustainability. Take comfort knowing that when ingredients are available locally and it is sensible for us to buy them, we do so.

The restaurant is very proud of it’s green rating from LEED, has strong relationships with farmers, both local and across the country, and makes fresh food – sounds pretty great, right?

Luckily, I had the chance to stop by as part of Asheleigh’s birthday celebrations (Happy Birthday, x7).

General Thoughts:  Place is very nice – got a bit loud, even when we got there at 6, but the bar is quite nice, with a good display of their alcohol, there were easy paths of movement, and the booths and seats were comfortable.

Drinks: Ashe and I each had two drinks.

  • My Drink 1: Nice Coat! (Bluecoat Gin, Maraschino Liquor, simple syrup, lime juice, basil) –  Sort of a variation on an Last Word type drink, I believe. No green chartreuse, but instead basil, which seemed to be both muddled and then a big leaf on top. Was very, very good. I am a fan of anything with maraschino liquor, and I’ve recently discovered the Bluecoat, which I have to like because it’s from Pennsylvania. Great start
  • Ashe Drink 1: Fraise Fling (Strawberries, lychees, Organic Vodka, agave, Prosecco) – This was very pleasant and summery, the one sip I had. Can’t’ comment more, I was too distracted by the Nice Coat!
  • My Drink 2:  Grandma’s Blackberry Sour (Rittenhouse 100, Grand Marnier, lemon juice, blackberries, egg white) – This was very well put together. Sweet and alcohol were nicely balanced, egg white was perfectly done  – I was very happy to end my night with this.
  • Ashe Drink 2: Southside (Fresh muddled lemons, mint, CapRock Organic Gin, sugar) – Ashe described this as something similar to a gin gin mule, save with sugar instead of ginger beer. Served up, as opposed to in a highball, it was very light and refreshing.


  • Appetizer: Skillet Corn Bread – This was exactly what you would expect – very tasty corn bread. Had whole kernels in it, very nice butter/syrup side to put in. Basic, but tasty
  • My Dinner: Spring Pea Ravioli – Fresh ravioli filled with spring peas and marscapone, topped with a bit of thin strips of salad greens and bacon. This was wonderful – ate it much too quickly. You can see some on the picture above. Bacon was astounding, even in the small bits that came with it.
  • Ashe Dinner: Macaroni and Cheese – Multiple kinds of cheeses, apples, and ham, plus the fresh pasta. Was very very nice, the bite I had, and Ashe raved about it, so I think it was probably pretty good.

Overall, the dinner was wonderful, with everything we had meeting or exceeding some already high expectations. Service was great, food came out very quick. Not sure how to end the review besides: we left happy and full.

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