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Personal Projects

June 15, 2011

So, one of the things I’m going to do here is discuss (mostly for my benefit), some personal projects that I am working on.

To start with, I am currently working on lists of wineries in MD and VA to visit, and playing with version of these items to use as “guides”. My goal is to visit as many of them as I can, which is A – probably impossible in any reasonable time and B- a lot of wine. To help organize this process I have made:

1. An excel spreadsheet of all the MD wineries – their contact information (address, phone, website), what wine trail they are part of, and columns dealing with whether I have visited them or not, and whether they are open to the public (and when). I’ve taken all that data and made a one page table of it, sorted by wine trail. Quite handy to have when planning trips, and if I feel like crossing things off, I can. The table is sorted so that if a winery is not open to the public, it does not show, and if I head to a winery, I can mark that and the next time I print it out, it also won’t show. (If for some reason anyone reading this blog wants this, let me know – it’s easy to send and use).

To complement this, I am learning and fiddling with creating a google map of all the Maryland Wineries. That map can be found here. I haven’t finished that one (Come on, I have to do real work too!), but will finish it soon. Then, I will move on to VA, which will be much more of a chore. MD is around 45 wineries.. VA has over 150 if I recall correctly.

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